Conflict Resolution Workshops

This service helps staff and pupils to be more aware of their own responses to conflict. Workshops suggest strategies to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for dealing with conflict situations which may arise in their professional and personal lives.

What does the service offer?

Conflict Resolution workshops help participants gain a better understanding of conflict and how to respond positively. Topics covered include:
•    The positive and negative aspects of conflict
•    Awareness of their own and others’ responses to conflict
•    Identifying and managing assumptions and prejudices
•    Awareness of the variety of ways in which people communicate with each other
•    Development of conflict resolution skills
•    An understanding of mediation and its use in conflict situations.

How does the service work?

Six hour workshops are delivered by trained Sacro mediators by arrangement with partner agencies. Two members of the mediation staff deliver the materials either in one six hour session or shorter sessions as best fits the needs of the agency or school.

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is suitable for all agencies involved in dealing with conflict as well as school staff and pupils. This service is only available in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 

How is the service accessed?

Anyone can buy in this service with most requests coming from schools and local authority housing teams. Simply contact the service on 01224 560550.